Day 53 of 180 Days of Data Viz Learning #jfdi

I’m doing some form of data visualization learning for 180 days because I need to #JFDI.  See post explaining how and why I’m doing this.

Knight Journalism Course for the Americas:  Data Visualization and Infographics with D3! 

Reading and Learning Data Visualization Theoretically/Critically:

Alberto Cairo Lecture Insightful Data Viz Module 5


  • John Snow visual review  – > first data viz, bar chart pattern, looking at data points that refute hypothesis
  • Look for exceptions in visuals to verify methodology
  • Symbiosis between words and visuals -> annotations crucial to narratives  -> prevent from people from drawing wrong conclusions
    • Particularly needed for multi-section visuals
    • NYT and Pew do really good job by putting in text and story
    • Sequencing info “The upper layer” to giving a broad view and context to “layering down” and give multiple ways of exploring maps
  • “Splitting-a-sentence” strategy – > write headers as if they were a very long sentence that describes entire process and sequence and find natural breaks and transform each one of portions into headers of each section

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