Day 65 of 180 Days of Data Viz Learning #jfdi

I’m doing some form of data visualization learning for 180 days because I need to #JFDI.  See post explaining how and why I’m doing this.

Reading and Learning Data Visualization Theoretically/Critically:

Reading Nathan Yau’s book Data Points – Visualization that Means Something

p. 104-112 Visualization Components

Three Takeaways

  • Remembering that following rules about perception of visual cues and such rank orders it not be followed – sometimes “efficiency and extractness” are not the goal, eg if you want a someone to explore or get lost in a narrative. p. 104
  • Scales (always good to hammer into head) p. 109
    • Logarithmic – focus on percent change (1, 10, 100, 100, 10000)
    • Categorical – discrete placement in bins (A, B, C, D, E)
    • Ordinal – categories where order matters (horrible, bad, okay, good, great)
  • Note on programming data – > keep practicing making more visuals -> something’s that’s been a little slow for me lately p. 115

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