Day 85 of 180 Days of Data Viz Learning #jfdi

I’m doing some form of data visualization learning for 180 days because I need to #JFDI.  See post explaining how and why I’m doing this.

Reading and Learning Data Visualization Theoretically/Critically:

Reading Nathan Yau’s book Visualize This

80-90 Tools to Visualize Data Chapter

Three Takeaways:

  • Maps that are zoomable and able to be moved and panned easily are known as slippy maps – split into smaller images, or tiles.  Example of this is Google maps  p. 80
  • Mapping resources for data viz include: Google and Microsoft maps, ArcGIS, Modest Maps, Polymaps, GeoCommons, IndieMapper, Spatial Key R p. 86
  • Combining different software or solutions is a key to creating better data viz – as each has its own strengths and thresholds p 89

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