Day 90 of 180 Days of Data Viz Learning #jfdi

I’m doing some form of data visualization learning for 180 days because I need to #JFDI.
 See post explaining how and why I’m doing this.
Halfway point.
Code Learning:

Treehouse Back-to-Basics (again, not taking notes for basic review):

Going through Front-End WebDev

Reading and Learning Data Visualization Theoretically/Critically:

Reading Nathan Yau’s book Visualize This

157-178 Visualizing Proportions

Three Takeaways:

  • Stacked continuous charts are a good way of showing changes in categories over given time p 162
  • If a stacked area graph makes it hard to see trends per group, use a straight-up time series. p 177
  • “Only have a few values? The pie chart might be your best bet.  Use donut charts with care.  If you have several values and several categories, consider the stacked bar chart instead of multiple pie charts.  If you’re looking for patterns over time, look to your friend the stacked area chart or go for the classic time series.  With these steady foundations, your proportions will be good to go.” p. 178

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