Day 125 of 180 Days of Data Viz Learning #jfdi

I’m doing some form of data visualization learning for 180 days because I need to #JFDI.

See post explaining how and why I’m doing this.

*Doing a bit of catch-up here after a few breaks.

*Also quick note of reflection here, the more I’ve practice doing data viz in the wild for clients and the more I read, the more my opinions have changed about topics like chart junk and dumbing down visuals for audiences.  Yes, sometimes I think I just am making pitch candy to provide flash for clients.  However, in real life, aesthetics matter and hoping for immediate understanding for your audience maybe unrealistic.  That’s why there are consulting and account management layers in business.  I use to be a part of that machine which is why I was hired to do this type of work now because I understand the business end more intimately more than a graphic artist or a data scientist might.

Reading and Learning Data Visualization Theoretically/Critically:

The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization by Alberto Cairo

p 61-65 The Beauty Paradox: Art and Communication

Three Takeaways

  • Engineers vs Designers: There’s always been a flash between those who emphasize functionality to those who place more emphasis on emotions and aesthetics. p 61
  • “Tufte’s principle of efficiency: A visual design project is good if it communicates a lot with a little.” p 63
  • Tufte’s “assertion that a higher efficiency- the lowest amount of visual resources to communicate the highest possible amount of content- always facilitates understanding is dubious.” p 65

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