Network Visualization of Soccer Confederations of the Americas


Made with D3.js based on Mike Bostock’s Collapsible Force Layout. Used data from the CONCACAF (The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football) and CONMNEBOL (The South American Football Confederation) Wikipedia pages.  Click here or on screenshot above for interactive version on bl.ocks.


I’ve really into soccer in general, especially international play, after my grad school project where I worked at the Annenberg Innovation Lab collaborating with Havas Sports and Entertainment and IBM on a research project studying soccer fans (see Fans.Passions.Brands, Fan Favorites, and Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard). I also did my degree practicum on Marketing to Female Sports Fans.

I’m now in another universe creating data visualization at an advertising agency and am trying to combine the geeky fandom with practical practice related to my daily work.

Design Notes

More trying to test out creating a network visual more than anything.  Kept it clean and minimalist with proper use of color hue differences.  Used a sans serif Google Font I found to keep it more modern and have it look a little different from the default web fonts.

Technology Notes

The whole point of this exercise was practice using the D3 Network layout.

  • Event handlers aren’t perfect. I wanted the leaf nodes to be able to collapse and also for all nodes to be dragged and placed.  Doesn’t work quite as seamlessly as I want, eg. you have to double-click nodes to un-snap from their position, which means collapsing those nodes that are able to be collapsed as well even if you don’t necessarily need to do that.
  • It also took awhile to get the repulsion and link length measures set so all the countries could be displayed in a less messy manner.

Next Steps

I want to create a network with all the countries of the FIFA Confederations and size the nodes by some measure indicating the size of the confederation. I’d also like to replace the leaf nodes for reach country with their country flags.

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