Weekly Data Viz Decomp: Visualizing the Burden of Cancer

Weekly data visualization decomps to keep a look out for technique and learning.

This week’s decomp of Visualizing the Burden of Cancer: Incidence Rate by 32 Cancers from 2005 to 2015

Decomposition of a Visualization:

  • What are the:
    • Variables (Data points, where they are, and how they’re represented):
      • How number of occurrences of cancers have shifted between 2005 and 2015 – date encoded with huge and increase and decrease done with green or red
    • Data Types (Quantitative, Qualitative, Categorical, Continuous, etc.):
      • Quantitative, continuous
    • Encodings (Shape, Color, Position, etc.):
      • Position, Color Hue
  • What works well here?
    • Showing large changes
    • Filtering functions
  • What does not work well and what would I improve?
    • Small changes looked too scrunched
    • Weird that increase and decreases are show on same axis, would have changed it to show decreases on a double axis
  • What is the data source?  Do I see any problems with how it’s cited/used?
    • No, great full academic citing here
  • Any other comments about what I learned?
    • Always difficult to use this type of chart with data of varying ranges – not sure I would have done that much better