Why I Can’t Find Recycling Bins in NYC (visualized)

Although I love NYC, as a Californian transplant the one big pet peeve I have other than the lack of Mexican options and fresh avocados is the lack of recycling and general awareness of doing so. Yes, I’m that Californian who brings the reusable bags to the market and carries a water bottle at times in NYC.

I couldn’t help noticing walking around how many people buy items like bottled water and have no place to recycle them even though NYC has a lot more public waste baskets than a lot of other cities. Taipei, I’m looking at you and all those days I carried my trash for miles.

I played with some of the NYC Open Data in Tableau and did confirm how few Public Recycling Bins are in NYC.

For some reason they’re particularly absent in Queens, outer Brooklyn, and Upper East Side. Population density seems to have no impact. Shrug, come on NYC, you “progressive bastion,” get your recycling on! It kills me seeing how many people here buy beverages in containers that could easily be recycled and toss them into a regular trash bin. It’s crazy.

Click here or the image below to see the visualized data:



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