Tableau Practice: Los Angeles Water Usage

Playing with a little Tableau using open data from Los Angeles Open Data on “Residential water use by month averaged for fiscal year. Numbers represent Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF) of water use.”

Couple of observations with the data:

  • Water usage seems to correlate with residential density, eg. the high water usage in Downtown and Central City that have more high-density apartment blocks versus suburban tract homes that make up most of Los Angeles.
  • Water usage dropped dramatically in Fiscal Year 12/13, I’m almost wondering if that data was never fully populated. Either way, there seems to be a good downward trend which is good because of the CA drought and just being a region where water is scarce.
  • Tableau’s sum filters can be puzzling for those who aren’t familar with the platform when you filter the data – eg suddenly the scale is off so you have to reduce that filter to see the values.

A few process notes

  • I had to pivot the raw data a bit before bringing it to Tableau
  • I imported a custom shape for the water drop effect
  • I used the area chart for trend overtime to kind of hit home the point the amount of water usage rather than a simple line to show time series.

Click here or on the visual below to take a look: