Weekly Data Viz Decomp: Global Sea Ice Level

Weekly data visualization decomps to keep a look out for technique and learning: Global Sea Ice Level I found on Reddit’s DataIsBeautiful 

Decomposition of a Visualization:

  • What are the:
    • Variables (Data points, where they are, and how they’re represented):
      • Months on a radial axis
      • Sea level area scale on radial area
      • Lines along radial to represent sea ice level
    • Data Types (Quantitative, Qualitative, Categorical, Continuous, etc.):
      • Quantitative, Continuous
    • Encodings (Shape, Color, Position, etc.):
      • Color hue and position for line
  • What works well here?
    • The animation and showing the change through time is particularly effected as the overall area shrinks
    • The color hue change to a lighter color for current years is particularly effective
  • What does not work well and what would I improve?
    • The colors seem to be a little off theme – maybe personal nitpick but I would have picked a blue hue or something that relates to the water more
    • No sure how much the seasons adds to this chart, but I like the use of the area on this chart rather than one with a simple xy-axis
    • Maybe add an interactive filter for years to see contrast
  • What is the data source?  Do I see any problems with how it’s cited/used?
    • Cites what looks like a scientific journal – would have liked a link or publication, but I’m not familiar with this subject area
  • Any other comments about what I learned?
    • Makes me want to use a radial chart for something when I get a use case for it